Let God Win

Feb 7, 2017 2136

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Let God Win

In the Bible, Jacob is pictured as a persistent negotiator. His prayers are full of requests to God… but too often, he’s just trying to win the deal to get what he wants.

Despite his ability to negotiate, one day Jacob faced someone he couldn’t overpower.

The Bible tells the story of a time when a mysterious figure wrestled with Jacob.

They wrestled all night, but still Jacob was no closer to winning. It’s only when the figure cripples him that Jacob realised he’d been wrestling with God all along.

You and I are often tempted to wrestle with God. We try and get him to do things our way, to give us what we want on our terms, but the truth is… we’ll never win.

But the great news is, when you do finally surrender to God, you realise his ways are way better than yours. And when you let him win, you win too.

Eliezer Gonzalez

Let God Win

When you let God win, you win too.

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