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Jul 14, 2016 1725



When hearts are changed by the Gospel, you just can’t contain it! Below are some letters GNU has received from those impacted by the ministry throughout Africa.


With the all of my heart, I wish to thank you for your radio program on the radio. I praise God for the good work you are doing to strengthen our faith. Before we did not believe, but now we believe, and this is what the GNU ministry has done for us. May the Almighty God protect you as you minister in His work.

In Jesus’ Name,

Ben Makeni

Kapkanai Village
Bungoma, Kenya



Greetings! It’s wonderful to share with you that I have been saved through the GNU program on Radio East Africa. As an active listener it has impacted on my life, and as a result many have known about the Good News, because I have now become a pastor so that I can share it also.

Yours in Christ,

Pastor Andrew Mwarur

Bungoma, Kenya



It’s with great pleasure that I tell you that souls are being saved through the messages on the GNU radio broadcast. Even I myself was saved when a friend who was already a believer encouraged me to listen to your program on radio. Jesus came to me, through your radio broadcasts, even when I was ignorant of Him.

With Christian Love,

Jackson M. Namaswa
Bongoma, Kenya


Greetings to you in Jesus’ name, together with your beloved family, and everyone in the GNU ministry. I am a listener of your program on Radio East Africa, and the messages are anointed by God, coming with authority and power through your ministry. I love what your presentation of the Word of God has done in my life. Truly you and those in your ministry are servants of God, and called by Him. You’re a true disciple of Jesus Christ. May God continue uplifting you and mightily strengthening you. Peace, love and mercy be yours in abundance. Never turn left or right. Keep on spreading the Word!

Yours in Christ,

James M. Makelele

Monze, Zambia



Happy greetings to you all! I am a new listener to the GNU radio programme. I am inspired with awe at the revelation of our Lord Jesus Christ through your radio broadcast. I am writing to assure you that I, and many others who are convinced that your messages are true, stand up with you in prayer against the dark powers.

God Bless you,

Caro Wandiama

Mt Elgon, Kenya



Dear Dr Gonzalez, I greet you in the name of Jesus Christ our Saviour. I want to tell you that although you don’t know it you have done the work of Jesus in my life, because the GNU radio show has truly helped me in a difficult situation that I was going through. I didn’t know that Christ’s love was missing in my life until I heard and listened to the wonderful words that you preach. Thank you very much and I pray that you shall be blessed for the work you have done.


Emmanuel Kaka

Mbarara, Kenya



I thank God that I found your radio program. You talk about serious things on how to live and love and have healthy relationships, all based on the Good News. All this I have learnt from the GNU radio show. Your message has helped me and my family to be saved. Please stay on radio.

In Jesus name,

Florence Wairimu Mwangi

Mukurweini – Nyeri, Kenya



Dear Dr Gonzalez,

With much pleasure I am humbled to have the opportunity to say thank you for your powerful message. Your radio program about “Jesus Only” gives me light to follow the right path. And I pray that you continue broadcasting so that His name can be glorified forever. Thank you.


Brenda Kihembo

Kabale, Uganda



Happy greetings to you all in the mighty name of our Lord. It’s a great honour to speak and say that through your program on radio and the literature I have truly come to know there is a God. I pray for the ministry to continue because of the strength you give to weak Christians.

Yours in Christ,

Sister Sudi Materi

Mt Elgon – Bungoma, Kenya



Thank you very much for the good work you are doing on the radio. I am thankful for the encouraging words you give to us on the air. May the Almighty God continue to give you courage to conquer the evil deeds of Satan.

Yours in the Lord,

Martin Gikundi

Meru, Kenya



It’s so wonderful to hear the Good News on the radio! I have been studying the Bible, and as I see events currently occurring in this world I sense that the Devil is working hard to rule it. But God is greater and cannot be defeated by him, so we will always look upon God. Please send us some Christian Magazines to us so we can grow spiritually.

In Jesus’ Name,

Peter Mwongora

Loituktuk, Kenya



Greetings in the name of the Lord. I thank God for your ministry that reaches many for Christ in this world through your radio program. You are turning many lost souls to God, and praise be to our Lord and Saviour whom we serve!

Yours in Christ,

Andrew Mwaruru

Bungoma, Kenya

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