Near Death Experience Brings New Life – Echapuram, India    

Jun 14, 2017 1840

Lives Saved Through Near Death Experience – Echapuram, India

Rajalakshmi shares her testimony and the good news of the Gospel.

Rajalakshmi was born into a traditional Hindu family but when she accepted Jesus into her life her relatives and friends rejected her. Even her husband rejected her but through an accident he came to know about Jesus. Now she goes around witnessing about Jesus and sharing her testimony.

Rajalakshmi is from the village of Echapuram, India. She was raised Hindu but accepted Jesus when she was seven years old. She started going to the hospital several times with much pain. She had been taking medicines but the pain had not gone. So one day the nurse told her that Jesus could heal her.  She started praying and when she was healed she accepted Jesus into her life.

She underwent many problems by accepting Jesus. All of their relatives and friends and other village people rejected her. She was treated like a slave in her home, forced to do lots of labour.

When she was older, no one wanted to marry her since she was a Christian. After five years someone named Rayadu agreed to marry her with many conditions, including that she would not read the holy Bible or even keep a copy in the house. In her married life she faced many problems. Each day she would pray for her husband and that he would change and allow her to read the holy Bible and pray openly.

Then one day Rayadu was involved in an accident. He was driving a car at night and unexpectedly crashed into a Lorry, which broke the car to pieces. He saw a big light and then fell onto the road instead of being crushed. He was put into the hospital and the doctors said that there was no hope for him.

He realised the light was Jesus, who had come to save his life

During that time Rajalakshmi cried and prayed for him in his hospital room. After a few days he woke up and saw his wife crying as she prayed. He remembered the light he had seen in the accident and he realised the light was Jesus, who had come to save his life.

After that he came to know about Jesus and confessed all his sins and was baptised. He allowed Rajalakshmi to read the holy Bible in their house and he started witnessing about Jesus. After that she started travelling with GNU’s team in India to different villages,  to share her testimony and the Gospel.

Rajalakshmi says,

I was in a Hindu family and I faced many, many problems and persecutions, rejected by my village and treated as a slave. But by the grace of God all my problems turned into joy and happiness in Christ. Now I am so happy and I go to various places to share my testimony and the holy Gospel. My husband also joins me now and then when he is free.

– Pr Joseph Usala

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