Lives Surrendered to Christ in Baptism – AB Nagar, India

Sep 26, 2016 1870


A new sister in Christ is baptised by Pr Joseph Usala (L). To show her joy, she wears her very best sari.

The shore of a lake near AB Nagar, a village in India, was recently covered with people gathered to witness the baptism of five individuals who have decided to give their lives to Jesus.

One man and four women were baptised, most having travelled from different villages to be there. These people are of different ages and walks of life. They were all either Hindu or had ancestors who were, and had differing levels of exposure to Christianity.

However, despite the differences between their lives, they all came to discover the Gospel the same way. Pr Joseph has gone to each of their villages at some point, and held a Gospel Evangelism Meeting there. Their reasons for having attended vary; some weren’t looking to leave Hinduism, while others came in their search for hope in their lives.

After the meetings each continued to watch the GNU TV programme to learn more about Jesus. While watching, their understanding of the Gospel grew, and they accepted Jesus into their lives, deciding to be baptised.

Naga Mane, one of the women baptised, says,

It is with great happiness that I have been baptised into Christ. I have confessed all my sins and Jesus has given me new life here on earth and forever.

– Ella Rodionoff

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