Man Miraculously Survives Poisonous Snake Bite – Hindu Pale, India 

Aug 10, 2017 1702

"Jesus saved my life and gave me a new life."

“Jesus has saved my life and has given me another chance.”

In the village of Hindu Pale, India, a man named Ramandu was bitten by a poisonous snake and everyone expected him to die. But he soon discovered that prayer can change everything.  

Ramandu was raised Hindu, and lives in extreme poverty. Each day he goes out in search of the only food he can afford – the rats, snakes and frogs that he catches. 

Pr Joseph first came to Hindu Pale to feed the poor children of the village, and Ramandu, along with others in the village, noticed the kindness. However, he didn’t talk to Pr Joseph, but one day after this, he  saw the GNU Gospel programme on the television. He became interested in Jesus, and wanted to speak with Pr Joseph about Christianity. Pr Joseph came to visit Ramandu and explained to him more about the Gospel. Ramandu was interested by he did not commit to accepting Jesus.

One day Ramandu became drunk but he still went out to catch food. He found a poisonous snake, and decided to try to catch it. But he was bitten. He became very ill and weak, and so they phoned Pr Joseph, asking him to come and prayer for him, because he was dying.

Ramandu soon discovered that prayer can change everything.

Ramandu never expected to survive the snakebite, but after Pr Joseph prayed for him, he didn’t die. He realised, with a firm conviction, that Jesus had healed him. He decided he he really did want to know more about Jesus. 

Now he has accepted Jesus into his life and shares his testimony: 

It is Jesus who saved my life and gave me a new life. I never thought that I would survive after the snakebite. But Jesus healed me. For the rest of my life I will share this testimony to many people. I will pray and learn the holy Gospel and then spread it. Thank you to Pr Joseph and Good News Unlimited.  

– Ella Rodionoff 

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