Men and Women Who Changed the World – Part 12 – Dr Des Ford

Dec 29, 2017 1249

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Gary Chernecki

Jan 10, 2018

Dr Ford you are on that list of people who changed the world


Dec 30, 2017

I am sorry I write from my Mobile and l make a lot of spelling mistakes. I am imperfect, can only be perfect in Christ. When men happen to see Christ's continuance, they become weak, almost like dead, till he toucheS them. This is what I meant . And that Dr Ford, you are one led by God, through Christ. This is real, How many times, have we been grateful And said., thank you Holy spirit ? Because our problems were solved without our knowledge and our prayers were answered that we even knew it? How many times have we had a smile on our faces because we felt Gods presence. A lot" l know he lives and he died for me. Thank you Good news unlimited.


Dec 30, 2017

Men and women who changed the world: By dr. Desmond Ford. Dr. Ford you talked about Great books written by men and women. I know of a man who changed me and the way I read the Bible, . It is you Dr. Ford. When I listen to your video about SMILES AND TEARS, The way you compared. The similarities of Moses and our Savoir Jesus Christ. I was touched. I knew for a fact. That you were clad of God, that you were lead by the holy spirit, that, you were sounded by Gods Angel, that you understood, of what you read in the Bible and other books written by men like you and of these , men and women,you talked about in these videos. I know for sure that God will Never take any religion in heaven, but men,women and children (His children). Those who have felt His presence around them at all time. Those who let the holy spirit be their guide day and night, those who heard Gods voice calling them at night. Those who felt Christ's presence and they cerebral almost to death, like John in the revelation and Daniel in the book of Daniel. I know of a man of God and his fellow servant of God. You Dr. Ford. I wish l could write all l know about God. Amen

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