“This is a Message That Must be Shared,” Says African Translation Partner!

Dec 12, 2014 1442


The various African translations of Jesus Only are currently being revised and improved for a second printing of this book. This important work is being done through your support and with the help of a network of unpaid volunteers across Africa.

One of these volunteer partners is Jolly Abaho, a young Christian lady who lives in Uganda. She is a member of the Anglican Church and a great supporter of Good News Unlimited.

Jolly was asked to help with the translation of the book into the Luganda language. She had a look at it and decided that this work was too important for her to do, since it had to be translated properly. So she contacted one of the translators of a newspaper in Uganda (New Vision) and negotiated a deal. She paid for the translation out of her hard-earned money. This is not a simple sacrifice in that part of the world!

When asked about her motivation for doing this, she said, “It is the joy of doing something for Christ who loves me and gave himself for me”. And when she was asked about the message of the book, Jesus Only, she replied, “I think it is wonderful because it directs us to see Jesus only. This is a message that must be shared with everyone.”

Thank you for your gifts and prayers to help spread the gospel in Africa through Jesus Only. Please pray as Jolly begins looking for ways to promote GNU’s forthcoming radio programs in eastern Africa through the mobile phone networks.

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