Miraculous Answer to Prayer – God Opens the Door to Africa

Jul 9, 2015 2132


Good News Unlimited gets the thumbs up!

Last year, I spent much time negotiating in order to be able to place Good News Unlimited’s television programme on television across East Africa. The cost was almost USD $800 per month, and this seemed an insurmountable barrier. I and others prayed much over this, and it seemed that we would have to limit our dreams of sharing the gospel on television across East Africa.

In the end, I settled, late last year, for a weekly half-hour programme on Church TV in Nairobi, at a much, much lower cost, which is what we could afford. And I must say that Church TV were very gracious to us in the arrangement that we came to. We were reaching a potential audience of 4 million people in the Nairobi area.


Good News Unlimited now reaches a potential audience of 40 million souls across East Africa.

Recently, I was contacted by the television station, who advised me that they had decided to change the strategic focus of the station that we are on. I thought, “Oh no! Whatever will we do now?” But they informed me that as a result, they would transfer our programme to their premier television station, which reaches all of the greater East Africa region, and that they would keep the cost the same as we were currently paying.

When it seemed so difficult for us, in one simple act, God has increased our potential viewing audience from 4 million to 40 million people, and without increasing the cost to us.

I acknowledge that this can only be the work of God Himself!

GNU presents the gospel in its simplicity and purity, through its flagship television programme, The Unlimited Show. This programme is on Family TV across the whole of Kenya and across the greater East Africa region. It can be seen every Saturday at 4 pm (Kenyan time).

The Unlimited Show features the gospel ministries of presenters Dr Desmond Ford, Dr Eliezer Gonzalez, Dr Philip Rodionoff, Elenne Ford, Laimon Eglentals, Bilyana de Soto, Colin Maclaurin, and Rebecca Gonzalez – all of whom uplift the gospel, the cross, and above all, Jesus only. Good News Unlimited was founded by Dr Desmond Ford, evangelist and theologian.

Thank you to all of you who are prayer warriors on behalf of the work of the gospel. Never doubt that God hears you, and he is preparing a mighty harvest of souls for the kingdom! Thank you to all of those who support us with your gifts. God is being faithful and multiplying the impact of your life a hundred-fold. And thank you to our volunteers everywhere!

But most of all, thanks be to God, by whom and for whom we exist, and on behalf of whom we have the privilege of sharing the good news that this world needs so desperately to hear.

– Eliezer Gonzalez


emma uwingabire

Aug 2, 2015

Glory be to God! we can enjoy the naked gospel in Rwanda! For sure let me glorify Jesus Christ and him alone! the good news unlimited people be blessed with Psalms 20:1-4

Eliezer Gonzalez

Jul 9, 2015

And thank you for your prayers also! :)

Kayumba David

Jul 9, 2015

Praise be to God! I have no slight doubt that God intervened in this matter. And his miraculous intervention is a great indication of what what is yet to come. This message of grace will sound and sound until the deaf will hear that Jesus saves and saves freely. Amen

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