Moslem Taxi Operator Looks To Jesus

Apr 1, 2020 1156

Moslem Taxi Operator Looks To Jesus

Mr Abdullahman is a 46 year old man living in Nsambya village in Kampala, Uganda. He and his entire family are Moslems and he has two wives and is a father of 12 children, six with each wife. He was born and raised in the days of Idi Amin when joining Islam was strongly encouraged by the government, Amin himself having been one. Mr Abdulahman works as a taxi operator within the capitol Kampala.

In a GNU Seminar in Kampala, Mr Abdulahhman attended one of our evening prayers where he surprised everyone who knows him since he is known to be a critic of Christian believers. After the prayer that evening I talked to him and encouraged him further to attend our meetings. Although he did not make it due to his busy schedule as a taxi operator, GNU was able to meet with him later during follow-up efforts that were conducted after the Gospel seminar. He welcomed us to his house and we had meals together after which we conducted devotion and prayers.

Afterwards we began to talk freely about our mission. Mr Abdullahman confessed to us that he had recently began to doubt that his religion – Islam – was the only way to Allah. He said that his doubts had been aroused after listening to a recorded tape of a debate between a Moslem and a Christian professor of theology. In the debate, says Abdullahman, the Moslem teacher appeared to be more emotional while the Christian speaker was calm. He says that since that day he has never been at peace.

He was blessed by our teachings which focused on love and forgiveness

Mr Abdullahman told us that he had began searching for truth about Christianity and that his attendance to our seminars had been triggered by the same curiosity. He said that he was blessed by our teachings which focused on love and forgiveness and not laws and regulations which appear to be the core of Islam.

Mr Abdullahman says that his contact with GNU for that one evening and the consequent visit to his home has convinced him to begin enquiring about the message of Christianity. He says that he would like to receive more teachings concerning the subject of grace and the law as well as Christ as the Son of God.

In accordance with his request and need, GNU and the host church in Kampala decided to supply him with a Bible as well as regular visits from a Bible teacher. The church is also praying for Mr Abdullahman that God may speed up his salvation.

– Pr Bonifresh Muhollo

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