New Christians Become New Parents – Kannur, India

Feb 18, 2016 1459


Naveen and Sarala have no words to describe what Jesus has done in their lives!

Recently married couple Naveen and Sarala, From Kannur in India, have gone to idol-worshippers, to worshipping Jesus only, and now to being new parents.

Both Naveen and Sarala were Hindus and they had been doing all kinds of idol rituals passed down from their ancestors.

Sarala’s father was a very hard worker. Day and night he would work to look after his family. But unfortunately he became sick. He became depressed and he did not know what to do. Sarala’s mother and relatives took him to so many hospitals and doctors, but it was no use.

One day the family happened to see the weekly GNU TV programme. They heard about Jesus and slowly they began to believe in him. They started praying for Sarala’s father and slowly he was healed. Because of this they believed in Jesus more and more.

Then they started going to the prayer meeting with all their family members. Now they are so happy and they are doing a small hotel business and learning more about Jesus.

In this way, Naveen and Sarala also came to know about Jesus and they too accepted him into their lives. By the grace of God they have now been blessed to have a new baby, whom they have named Vidyadhar. They are so happy now in Christ Jesus. Sarala says,

When we had not believed in Jesus and were doing all kinds of idol worship at both my and my parent’s houses, there was no peace. But after accepting Jesus into our lives we have peace of mind and every one is living happily. God has given to us a baby and we are so thankful to Jesus who has done many miracles in our lives and in the lives of my parents. We have been learning about Jesus daily and listening to the Word of God which Pastor Joseph has been preaching on TV weekly. We do not miss his message. By listening to the Word of God we are growing in Christ Jesus and increasing our faith. So we are so thankful to God who has led us to know and accept Jesus in our lives.

− Joseph Usala

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