“No one has ever stopped by and shared Jesus with us!” ­

Nov 5, 2015 5446

Market place

This lady asked, “Who are you? No one has ever stopped to share Jesus with us!”

On our recent mission trip to Uganda in October, we were returning from a university, where we had met with Pr Bonifresh and one of the professors there. We happened to stop by an open market on the roadside.

In Uganda, vendors wait by the side of the road at certain places, and the cars stop and buy things. At this place, as usual, the vegetable and fruit venders came running to our stopping car.

And as they came to our car window, we gave them a warm welcome that surprised them. We intended to surprise them so as to catch their attention. We asked them for what they did not have – water.  And soon we started sharing the Gospel with them.

One by one the street vendors started receiving the book Jesus Only in the Luganda translation.  And soon many more were running towards our car and they were scrambling for a copy of the book, and then returning to their businesses with great joy.

One lady came back and said to us, ‘’But who are you? No one has ever stopped by and shared Jesus with us’’!

And so we introduced ourselves as a people for whom some time back Jesus came and stopped for us. And so we told her to go and do likewise. She then asked for another book and for another visit. One day we shall go back and visit this sister and her friends.

– Pr David Kayumba

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