So-called “Untouchable” Elderly Receive The Gospel With Joy

Apr 26, 2017 1543

Pr Joseph stands with the woman at the centre, who are happily eating their meals

Pr Joseph stands with women who are happily eating their meals.

Elderly people from remote Indian villages who are poor, “untouchable” and rejected by society, are now able to come to the newly opened Blessy Old Age Care Centre in Nandiwada.

Pr Joseph says, “This old age care centre started with great faith in Jesus. We started it with the desire to serve the poorest of the poor living in remote villages and to preach the Good News to them. So now at their end of their lives they will learn about the holy Bible and will be able to live prayerfully and peacefully.”

So far there are nearly 150 women at the centre, each having come from various different villages. They are moved by the kindness they have received at the centre, which contrasts heavily to the rejection they have faced in life. Here they are given food and a place to live, and have all their needs looked after, although in their poverty they are not able to pay for this care.

As the women stay at the centre, they are learning more and more about Jesus. They are learning through the prayer meetings at the Good News Children’s Care Centre, which is also in the village of Nandiwada. They are also watching the GNU TV programme weekly. But most of all they are experiencing the Gospel firsthand through the kindness they are being shown.

Saramma, one of the women, says,

Through the Blessy Old Age Care Centre I came to know about Jesus. I have been learning about the holy Bible as I am nearing the end of my life. I am well fed here and I am so happy in Christ Jesus. 

– Ella Rodionoff

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