On Fire for the Lord

Nov 18, 2015 1651

Never be lacking in zeal, but keep your spiritual fervour, serving the Lord. (Romans 12:11).

I was a fully indentured engineer in the New Zealand Government Railways when I made the commitment to follow Jesus. For years I had been looking for something—I didn’t know what—to fill the void in my heart, and that emptiness was filled to overflowing when Jesus came into my life.

At that time my enthusiasm knew no bounds. I shared my faith with anyone who would listen, and even with some who didn’t care. I was on fire for the Lord. I had a Saviour and a purpose for living. The negative things that others thought and said about me flowed off me like water off a duck’s back.

One of the problems experienced by some Christians and churches is that they start well but run out of steam. That was the problem with the church in Laodicea (Rev.3:14-22). . Her faith and ministry had become lukewarm.

Laodicea is lukewarm because she no longer has Jesus in her assembly. The Lord is standing outside knocking and asking to be let back in. Laodicea’s lack of spiritual fervour will only be remedied if she invites Jesus to return to his rightful place.

You can’t have Jesus living his life through you and be complacent at the same time. That’s just not possible. When the Spirit of Jesus is in your heart he will overflow from you into the lives of others.

If you are a lukewarm Christian, read and act upon Jesus’ counsel to the Laodiceans. Invite him into your life and don’t give up praying for his presence until he has lit a fire in you. Then keep on praying for him to continue adding fuel. That is the kind of prayer he delights to answer.

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