Our Father’s Children

Feb 7, 2016 1261

Jesus Christ the descendant of Zerah, whose mother was Tamar, Boaz whose grandmother was Ruth, and David whose grandmother was Uriah’s wife (Matthew 1:2-17).

Why do the Scriptures mention that Jesus had a line of ancestors with such a dodgy past? Tamar inveigled her father-n-law into an incestuous relationship. Boaz married Ruth who was a pagan from Moab. And Bathsheba, the wife of Uriah, committed adultery with David. These skeletons in the closet are brought into full view for a reason. If the Saviour of the world was the product of such a mixed background, then there is hope for you and me.

We all have a background of sin, because we are all human. Our background is the reason God’s love was made flesh and came to redeem us. No matter what your background or what you have done, you are acceptable in God’s sight because of the sacrifice that Jesus made for you on the cross.

Is it possible that with your background of sin and misery, you could be reconciled with the Lord and be at peace with him? Like the prodigal son you have always been his child, and always will be. Nothing can change that relationship. All you need to do is call on his name: “Lord, I believe…” Once you have done that you will be able to rest in the full assurance that because he is your Father, you have the peace that passes all understanding.

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