Our view of the source of wealth impacts whether we find true security, writes Rick Dunham in Secure

Jul 30, 2013 2057

Rick Dunham, author of Secure: Discovering True Financial Freedom:

When we start with the biblical understanding that God alone is the source of any wealth, we will better understand our relationship to money. When God gives wealth, He gives us the power to enjoy it, but our driving force should not be to seek to enjoy it. When we begin to pursue wealth for our own enjoyment, that’s when we get into trouble.

God wants us to invest in blessing others, not to store up our treasure thinking it will somehow provide for our own security. His heart and desire is that we use and invest His resources – the wealth He provides – for Kingdom purposes. Only then can we find that our true security is in Him!

In this podcast, I talk about how God gives to us abundantly so that we, in turn, may bless others.

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