People and Sheeple

Apr 21, 2022 944

People and Sheeple

I’ve been hearing a lot about sheep lately. Not the fluffy kind but about people and sheeple.
Some call people who follow others sheeple, which is a combination of sheep and people.

There’s no such thing as people who are sheep, and then on the other hand, people who are all independent thinking non-sheep.

The truth is that we are all sheep. In the Bible God calls us all sheep many times, but not in a bad way. But to give us an idea of how much he loves us and cares for us.

In fact we are all just lost sheep who need to be found and need to be cared for. And that’s just what God does.

That’s why it’s not such a bad thing to be sheep. Because when the Lord is your shepherd you are the object of his love. His goodness and love will follow you all the days of your life.

Eliezer Gonzalez

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