People Weep with Joy at Being Baptised in Uganda!

Sep 6, 2015 2331

Baptism 8c

Huge smiles a new daughter of God emerges from the water.

As a result of the meetings held jointly by Good News Unlimited and Love Ministries in Kampala, the capital city of Uganda, dozens of people gave their lives to Jesus Christ. The baptisms of many of those people were some of the most joyful baptisms that I have ever witnesssed!

Baptism 5

A beautiful smile just before baptism.


The people said that they wanted to be baptised because they understood what Jesus had done for them, they understood the victory of the resurrection, and the love of God, and they wanted to be born again.

As they came out of the water they wept with gladness, and some fell on their knees, trembling and overwhelmed with joy.

Baptism 7b

Weeping for joy after being baptised.

Praise God for these precious people whom he has rescued into the Kingdom of Christ!

In the photos you can see me baptising with Pr Richard from Love Ministries. I appreciated the time we shared with them. Pr Richard, Pr Joshua, and Pr Christine have a real heart for God, and a true love for the people. While we taught them, they and their beautiful people were teaching us.

– Eliezer Gonzalez

Baptism 8f

This lady is thanking God with joyful tears after having been baptised.

Baptism 6

Baptism 3d

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