Practicing the Presence of God

Oct 27, 2014 1931

by Des Ford


We need to practice the presence of God. Too many people are practicing the absence of God.

The worst thing about popular television is not its violence or impurity,
though that’s bad enough. No, the worst thing about TV is its practice of the absence of God.

If we find it hard to picture a God that we can talk to in prayer, then we need to practice his presence. We need to picture often in our minds, as we walk or drive, the scenes of Christ’s Passion Week, or the events after Pentecost, and some of the great passages of Scripture that tell us about God. We need to fasten our minds on brief snippets of Scripture, such as, “God is love,” (1 John 4:8, 16) We need to think about such things and ideas.

Des Ford. Rom 8:28-39 (from “The Marvel and Mystery of Prayer – 3″)

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