Prayer Needed Urgently For Christ to Win!

Jan 26, 2016 1461


Rebecca Gonzalez sharing the Gospel through an interpreter at the Youth Gospel Conference

Urgent Request!

As I type this, Rebecca Gonzalez is leading out as the main speaker at a Gospel Youth Conference being held near Jinja in Uganda. It wasn’t meant to be like that, since she was meant to be the joint speaker with Pr Bonifresh Muholio. However, just before the meetings began, he was rushed to hospital with severe abdominal pain, where he has been admitted.


Young people hearing the Gospel – perhaps for the very first time!

Please pray for Pastor Bonifresh so that the Lord will intervene and restore him.

Please pray for Rebecca, who is carrying the full load of presenting the gospel to many young people at present.

Perhaps right now, she is calling for young people to surrender to Jesus Christ through baptism.

Won’t you breathe up a prayer right now?

– Eliezer Gonzalez


Rebecca “at the pulpit.”


Young people waiting to hear the Good News!



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