Retired Man Hears Gospel, Gains New World-View – Cherson, Ukraine

Apr 14, 2016 1180

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Alexei, 67, sees many things changing for the better because of the Gospel in his life.

In the second week of Gospel programmes presented by Dr. Eliezer Gonzalez and Dr. Philip Rodionoff, several young people are seeing their lives changed through the Gospel, but age isn’t necessarily a factor. A gentleman named Alexei has been attending the programmes, and explains his story:

My name is Alexei. I am 67. The Gospel programme is being attended by many young people so I feel like I have entered into my second youth.

I have always been interested in healthy living. I attended some health programmes run by a Christian church, and when I heard about these Gospel programmes presented by the evangelists in Australia, I was very interested to come here.

Alexei shares that running his own business to stay afloat has not always been easy.

Like all retired people, I wanted to have a reasonable standard of living, and maintain my relationships with other people. My pension, like that of all retirees, is very, very small, so I tried to work wherever I could. So I started a little business. But it was very difficult for me because the business required much strength and energy.

But there is a happy update to Alexei’s story now that he has experienced the Gospel for himself. He continues,

Now that I know about Jesus Christ and salvation, my world-view has changed. Now I understood many things for myself. My relationships with people around me, with my children, and with the people I meet have changed for the better.

Even my business has become more and more prosperous, and it has allowed me to live a little more comfortably. I have also found spiritual balance and peace. All of this is thanks to God’s grace.

As I have been attending these meetings in Cherson, it has been very interesting to hear the historical and theological evidence that supports the teachings of the Bible. I have really enjoyed these meetings, and they have stimulated me to make a decision to be baptised.

Perhaps Alexei really has entered into a second youth. Christ continues to offer refreshing new life to anyone who desires it.

– Laura Stewart

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