Revival for Christian Leaders in Kangulumira (Uganda) at GNU Gospel Seminar

Nov 11, 2015 1600


Some of the pastors rejoicing in the good news of salvation!

Recently, Pr Bonifresh and I presented a gospel seminar for local pastors in Kangulumira, Uganda. We were hosted by Sister Teresha Karahukaya, who together with her husband Israel, is the leader of Spring of Hope, Uganda.

After hearing Dr Eliezer Gonzalez and Evangelist Duncan Wood speak in Uganda, Teresha and Israel had asked them to help them share the gospel in their communities. As a result, I went with Pr Bonifresh to this area, and we decided to start with the pastors.

A Revolutionary and Shocking Gospel

The seminar was attended by an enthusiastic audience. We could feel and see that these brethren appreciated the Gospel. To most of them this was a week of discovery. My interpreter confided in me that the Gospel she was hearing was revolutionary and shocking. We shall need to do this kind of work as often as possible especially with these humble people.

Great thanks to Teresha for her resilience and her child–like faith which had won her respect from these many pastors and leaders in her community. Even Teresha was greatly touched by the messages. At one point after Pr Bonifresh delivered a powerful message, Teresha went up to the podium and in tears she identified herself with the message and made an alter call that was so powerful. That was a truly a moment of truth for everyone who was there.

The Power of God is Going to Change Things


Teresha’s testimony was powerful!

Pr Francis said,

This seminar has planted in us great seeds that will transform our various ministries, and for this we thank our visitors. Actually when I look at our speakers, we see transformed lives. And there is only one thing that changes people – the Gospel. Doctrines serve as guidelines but what is most important is the Gospel. And I am remained of the verse in Romans which says, “I am not ashamed of the Gospel because it is the power of God to save. And so I am sure the Gospel that has been shared in this seminar will transform us. I thank Teresha and her organizing team. Teresha has been telling us that it is going to be different; the power of God is going to change things. And indeed we have witnessed it.

We Will Extend the Frontiers for the Lord and Undo the Work of the Enemy

Pr Kibwika said,

All of us have been true witness of what has been happening here this week. As the people listened to the message, they have been reporting to us about heir appreciation of the message. We have heard the message, let us take it and share it and undo the work of the enemy.

Pr Matuga said,

I thank you for bringing this timely message. Many preachers these days are out to deceive people and make money. They have no message to deliver to the hungering masses. The message of the salvation by grace through faith is the message we need to preach. We have been blessed and empowered by it and we shall push on and extend the frontiers for the Lord.

­ ­– Pr David Kayumba

Hezekiah Buong

Feb 18, 2021

Our God is a of God results.

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