The Power of the Holy Spirit Pours Down as 55 People Accept Christ – India

Nov 17, 2016 1590

A Rich Harvest At The First Ever Evangelistic in Emmanene – India

Pr Joseph blessing some of the new believers at Emmanene.

The first evangelistic meeting ever run in the village of Emmanane, Gudama, India, recently drew 250 people to hear the Good News, with 55 people giving their lives to Jesus. Not even the heavy rain could dampen their enthusiasm!

Emmanane is a not a small village, but its great distance from the nearest town, and the poor quality of the roads around it, makes travelling there a challenge. Many people living in the village and in smaller surrounding villages had never heard about Jesus.

Emmanane’s isolation meant that no one had ever attempted to travel there to hold an evangelistic programme. But GNU believes that the Gospel is for everyone, everywhere, no matter how far away they live from the rest of society. So Pr Joseph approached the nearby Christian community to plan a Gospel meeting that would introduce many more people in that area to Jesus.

The GNU TV programme has already been reaching this distant village. People were already beginning to turn on their TVs to receive the message of love and grace in Jesus. But there were still many others there who had never heard the Gospel through any means. So the evangelism meeting was organised, flyers were distributed and people were invited.

The meeting attracted 250 people, from both Emmanane as well as surrounding villages. Some people just walked down the street to get there, while others travelled much farther. Due to the risk of rain, since it was the rainy season in India, it was decided the meeting would be held in an indoor venue, but there were too many people! So a tent was put up outside the building so that everyone could hear the message being preached. The air was very heavy and humid, but the people don’t remember the rain; they remember the power of the Holy Spirit that came down.

People from the village who had already found Jesus through the GNU TV programme came, together with others who had never heard. The seeds of the Gospel fell on fertile soil, and many people from Emmanane and surrounding villages found Jesus.

Raja Rao, who accepted Jesus at the meetings, says,

For the first time in my life I’ve heard the Gospel! And now because I have heard about Jesus, my whole life has been changed. At the meetings, I accepted Jesus and I confessed all my sins to him. Now I have happiness in my life, and I have been watching GNU TV program every week. This is the first evangelistic meeting that we have seen, and many of our people have come to know about Jesus and his teachings. I give all my thanks from heart to Jesus Christ. 

– Ella Rodionoff

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