Romans Article Issues 33 – 40

Oct 10, 2014 1796

written by Dr Desmond Ford

Issue No 33

romans 33

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I want to talk to you ,about T-U-L-I-P. Not tulips, the flowers. But T-U-L-I-P. That is the acronym for the beliefs of predestinarians.

Issue No 34

romans 34


The history of the doctrine of predestination is the story of conflict between great men. From Augustines
debate with Pelagius, to Calvins debate with Luther, Melanchthon, and Arminius. Few modern Calvinists
emphasize the doctrine because of its terrible decree: Most of humanity will suffer eternal torment through no choice of their own.

Issue No 35

romans 35


The greatest weakness in the predestinarian doctrine is that the Bible is so clear in statement after statement that Christ died for all.

Issue No 36

romans 36


Before we continue: Why don’t we hear more about the doctrine of predestination these days? We don’t even hear much from those great preachers who believe it. Why?

Issue No 37

romans 37


What does the major predestination passage of Romans 9:11-21 really teach?

Issue No 38

romans 38


Now we will conduct a brief overview of the remaining chapters of Romans. I intend no disrespect to Paul. We can only look at a few verses because little time remains in our study together.

Issue No 39

romans 39


It is as repugnant and unbiblical as the doctrine of eternal torment. So when we consider Romans 9 and find puzzling passages such as we have read, we need to remember that what Paul is saying is, “You Jews are complaining and all because God is giving the Gentilesa chance.”

Issue No 40

romans 40


Now for the crunch point. All the creeds, all the bold statements of the doctrine of predestination, are terrible!

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