Ropes and Nails

Feb 5, 2017 1681

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Ropes and Nails

Why is it that movies about the crucifixion of Jesus usually show his hands being tied to the cross?

There’s no historical evidence for that at all, so I assume it’s to protect the actor playing the role of Jesus. It’s an occupational health and safety issue!

The evidence we have from history tells us that Jesus was brutally nailed to the cross through his hands. But you know what, it wasn’t the nails that kept him there.

Jesus could have come down off that cross whenever he wanted! But he didn’t – and even when the crowd laughed at him and mockingly asked him to come down from the cross, he remained.


Jesus stayed on the cross for you. It’s not that he couldn’t come down, but for your sake and mine, he wouldn’t. Ultimately, It was his love for you and me – ­not the Roman nails – that kept him on that cross.

Eliezer Gonzalez

Ropes and Nails

Ropes and nails didn’t keep Jesus on the cross. He stayed on the cross for you.

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