Saved From Suicide and Substance Abuse – Kampala, Uganda

Feb 13, 2018 1466

Saved From Suicide and Substance Abuse – Kampala, Uganda

Solomon holds up his Bible, the one he had initially tried to sell.

Here is one of the most interesting stories resulting from GNU’s ministry in Uganda:

Solomon is a university student in Kampala. He is from Sudan but grew up in Nairobi, Kenya, where he attended a prestigious church-based high school. He was a bright student, and after school he was accepted into university.

Solomon’s father had been working as a banker and his mother had been a senior employee at a NGO. However, after Solomon started university, both of his parents lost their jobs. The family was thrown into untold struggles. They were unable to take care of their three children, including firstborn Solomon. Although an uncle of his volunteered to pay for his university fees, Solomon still has to struggle for survival. This experience led Solomon to seek psychological refuge in drugs and alcohol, encouraged by his keeping of bad company.

I personally met Solomon at the university when we stayed in the same hostel. Sometimes he would come to my room and we would share the little I had. I was always disturbed by the rate at which this young and brilliant brain was losing hope in God and life in general.

However, Solomon still shocked us when he declared that he no longer believed in God, due to the problems he was going through. To prove his point, Solomon decided to sell his brand new Bible that he had been given by a pastor friend as a gift.


He was among the souls that were baptised


In the weeks that followed Solomon seemed to have been on the edge of suicide. I made it my duty to talk to him and encourage him to seek hope away from drugs and alcohol, and eventually he realized that they was no solution. I shared with him about my personal life and how I found consolation in Christ, and he began to think about it.

What happened was dramatic. One day he was at my door at 8am in the morning with the good news that he had decided to give his life to Christ! He asked me to pray for him and take him to church. Before we left, he remembered his Bible, which he had initially sought to sell without success. We went to church and after the sermon he was among the souls that were baptised.

Solomon says,

I want to begin a new life. Please pray for me because it hasn’t been easy.

– Bonifresh Muhollo

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Betty Ukin

Aug 9, 2018

Will pray for Solomon to continue trusting God for his physical and spiritual needs.The God that we serve is bigger than our problems and needs.His eyes are on the righteous ones and he listens attentively to our prayers. 1.Peter 3.12. Phillipians 4;19.Our heavenly father knows all our needs and he shall supply all our needs according to his riches in glory through christ Jesus.


Jul 29, 2018

God had done a miraculous change in solomons life.

Kabagambe Fred

Jul 29, 2018

The Lord is the true God. Nothing can be like God!

Patient Muyembe

Jul 29, 2018

What a great testimony! We serve a living God. There's no one like Him. Him alone deserves honour, praise and worship!


Jul 28, 2018

God is so good in Solomon”s life, and the people being used for His Glory!

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