A Sick Baby and An Answered Prayer – Nairobi, Kenya

Apr 2, 2018 1480

A Sick Baby and An Answered Prayer – Nairobi, Kenya

Diana has had her prayers for her son Charles answered.

Diana is 19 years old, married, and she and her husband are blessed with a one year old child named Charles. She is among several church members who attended the GNU Week of Prayer held in the Kibera Slums in Nairobi, in January. Here is her story of answered prayer:

Diana grew up in a small village in Nanyuki, Kenya, with her grandmother. She found herself under the care of her ageing grandmother after her mother left in search of greener pastures. At this time her father had already disowned her. Diana got married at the age of 18, to a chef. Together they moved to Nairobi and opened a small eating joint. She says that it was her bitter experience of alienation from her biological parents that created a desire raise a better family. There was no better opportunity for her to do just that than when God blessed her with a baby boy and a husband. However, her life did not seem to go as she had desired when the boy’s health began weakening at an early age.


She had one prayer request: that God would give health to her son


Diana came to the GNU Week of Prayer, and she had one prayer request: that God would give health to her son. She never missed any of our meetings, hoping that God would grant her the desire of her heart. Even after the session ended, she still came and requested I continue praying for her beloved baby.

On the first week of March, she wrote a long message to me, expressing her joy and wonder on what has happened since the prayers began. In her own words, she said, 

Pastor I am very happy to tell you that since we began these prayers my son’s health has improved so tremendously. He is very active and has not experienced that problem for the last one month, something that even his father is overwhelmed about. His father has been so touched by your ministry and has been asking me to invite you to visit our family so that you can bless us more. We are very happy and we plead that you continue praying for our son. God bless you. 

– Pr Bonifresh Muhollo

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