Six Brothers Give Their Lives to Christ

Nov 16, 2015 1463


Pr Joseph praying for the six brothers.

This is the story of six brothers. Ravi, Ramesh, Subhu, Naresh, Nany and Sudhakar are aged between 15 and 20. They had become a problem for their parents, spending their spare time drinking, smoking and stirring up trouble at home and in their village. There are two churches in their village, but the boys never attended them or listened to any of their messages.

Then once a month Pastor Joseph set up the gospel meetings in the village and all the villagers gathered to listen. The boys hung about on the sidelines, prepared to mock and disrupt the preaching. Instead, they found themselves listening, and the message of the Gospel spoke to them. One of the boys was so touched by the Word of God that he asked Pastor Joseph to pray for him. Gradually he changed the way he spent his time, and one by one the other boys asked Pastor Joseph to pray over them. They each accepted Jesus Christ into their lives.

DSC04555Now, they told Pastor Joseph they were fed up with causing trouble and wanted to play an active part in helping to spread the Gospel. They now realised they been living without God in their lives, and they had also been ignoring their families and neighbours, not caring about the harm they caused to anyone else.

The boys also follow Pastor Joseph’s weekly television programs, along with many of the villagers. They have found a new kind of joy for their lives, and it beats causing trouble in the village.

– Eliezer Gonzalez

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