Sixteen Villages Being Reached Every Month – Andhra Pradesh, India

Dec 3, 2015 1731

Fisher People

Pr Joseph preaching the Gospel in an interior fishing village.

I am very grateful for the sound system that GNU has sponsored for me.

It means that when I visit the villages, many more people can hear the message of Jesus. It is easy for them to hear. The old people who cannot leave their huts can also hear by sitting at their doors and the young people who do not want to attend the meeting can hear from the background as well.

I go to 16 villages every month, and about 1,500 people hear this message of the Gospel over the sound system. They are coming to know more about Jesus, and many are accepting Jesus into their lives as a result.

Fisher People`1In these photos I am preaching the gospel in a fishing village in the interior. Please pray for the people who hear the message over the sound system, that they will find joy and happiness in Jesus.

– Pr Joseph Usala

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