Step/Week 11, Day 4 – Relapse and Gratitude: Be Grateful for all God has Done and is Doing

May 6, 2020 949

Life Recovery Devotions StepWeek 11 Day 4 – Relapse and Gratitude Be Grateful for all God has Done and is Doing

“Oh, that these men would praise the Lord for His loving-kindness and for all of His wonderful deeds!” (Ps. 107:15, TLB).

Can you remember what physical, psychological and spiritual condition you were in at your worse point in your addictions? If you were anything like me, it would not have been a pretty picture at all. Did you take a look at yourself in the mirror this morning? Notice anything different? Have you changed? Thought so!

Here’s another way that you can prevent the possibility of a relapse occurring: be grateful to God for the things He has done in the past and all the things He is continuing to do in your life. He is doing an amazing work within you. He has brought you to this point in your recovery, and haven’t you travelled some distance since starting this journey? You have a come a long, long way and God has been there with you, each step of the way.

The verse for today is showing you the correct response for those who recognise the Lord’s “loving-kindness” towards them and for the “wonderful deeds” He has and continues to do in your life. Do you feel a time of praise welling up?

By ensuring that you always have a daily time of praise, worship and thanksgiving towards God, this is going to help you cultivate a grateful and thankful heart and mindset. Your recognition of who God is and what He has done for you, will keep you focused on the ever-present help He offers you, as you walk the path towards being fully recovered from your addictions.

– Graham Hood 

Personal Reflection: What is the major changes God has done in your life? What are some of the minor changes He has done? Make a note of these and thank Him for it during your next time of prayer. Praise Him with a grateful heart and mind!

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