Step/Week 11, Day 7 – Relapse and Gratitude: Personal Relapse Testimony

May 6, 2020 936

Life Recovery Devotions StepWeek 11 Day 7 – Relapse and Gratitude Personal Relapse Testimony

“Get out of here, Satan…. ‘The Scriptures say, “Worship only the Lord God. Obey only Him’” (Matt. 4:10, TLB).

I really wish that I didn’t have as many relapses as I did. Then again, I’m actually glad for the painful experiences of each of these events. They taught me something. God taught me something, when I became willing and available to hear and “obey” His voice and teachings.

The verse for today is taken from Jesus’ time in the wilderness, where Satan tempted Him three times. I would bookmark Matt. 4:1-11 in your Bible, as it’s an excellent teaching on how to respond to temptation and in your case that temptation might well be wanting you to succumb to it and return to your addiction of choice—meaning you’ll relapse.

So, hear and take note of Jesus’ response: “Get out of here, Satan”. He is firm, direct and to the point. You can be too. When you’re being tempted, don’t entertain that thought or suggestion. Tell the devil you’re not listening to him, but you’re going to follow what Scripture tells you to do: “Worship only the Lord God. Obey only Him”. God’s voice and Word are the only things you need to hear and read when you’re under pressure when being tempted.

My times of relapse came when I wilfully distanced myself from God and His Word. I was in the right place to be tempted and tempted I was. I was weak and gave in, because I was more bothered about fulfilling my desires that fed my addictions, than I was in worshipping God and obeying Him and His ways. Don’t make the same disastrous mistakes that I made in the past. Avail yourself to God’s Word daily, read your Bible, praise and worship Him and give thanks to God as well as those people who are journeying with you and your brothers and sisters in Christ at your local church.

– Graham Hood 

Prayer: Father God, Wow! You have brought me so far on my journey to recovery. You have been teaching me each day. Your Word gives me life and health. Without it, I would be lost. I am so thankful that I can learn from You; Your ways help me not to relapse. Help me cultivate a grateful and thankful heart and mind that overflows. May I always give You all the honour, glory and praise. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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