Step/Week 2, Day 6 – Hope and Sanity: God Has All the Power We Need

May 6, 2020 1292

Life Recovery Devotions StepWeek 2 Day 6 – Hope and Sanity God has all the Power we Need

“Nothing will ever be able to separate us from the love of God demonstrated by our Lord Jesus Christ when He died for us” (Rom. 8:39, TLB).

Our constant desire for power, enough power to protect us from our own failing decision-making often isolates us from family, friends, and even God. And who wants to be in the position of self-inflicted isolation from God? Others tend to walk on eggshells around us in a futile attempt to keep a peace that really can’t exist. There might be periods of so-called peace but lying very close to the surface will be tension, anger, and resentments, among many other negative attributes we’ve collected along the way.

Our family and friends are manipulated and controlled to the ninth degree whilst never feeling good enough and failing to meet our expectations. This places an immense strain on relationships that, if allowed to continue, it will only add pressure to the lack of control we’re showing others at present.

Before long, it feels like everyone has abandoned us, even God. But if God has disappeared then it’s us that got lost and not God, and maybe that applies to the other significant people in your life at this moment in time. Our verse for today says nothing can separate us from the love God has for each of us. Nothing at all! His love compelled Him to send His Son, Jesus, to the Cross. That’s amazing love!

Feeling isolated and alone, we turn to our old addiction to help us mask that pain of rejection and this spirals down to another level, we haven’t experienced before. Notice that the levels will only get worse with time and frequency; they rarely, if ever, get better.

Can this cycle ever be broken? Is there anyone we can turn to? Anyone we can trust? There sure is!

Jesus knows everything there is to know about each of us, the good, the bad, and the downright ugly. But there’s more. Knowing all this, He still desires an eternal relationship with each one of us. Now that’s amazing, don’t you think? God wants to know us in a close, deep, and meaningful relationship, as we take our tentative steps on the road to recovery.

God is a loving, forgiving and benevolent Father. He is not some tyrannical, condemning and punishing Judge. We will all be judged by Him one day, but His judgement will be through His love, mercy, and grace.

I know who I would want to spend eternity with! How about you?

– Graham Hood 

Personal Reflection: Have you ever thought that surrendering can actually give you more power than you realised? When you surrender to God and give Him your life (addictions and all), you make yourself available to His power, as He works in your life. Is that not amazing? Remember, nothing can separate you from His love! Nothing!

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Love it dying now from my Will

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