Step/Week 3, Day 2 – Turn and Action: HOPE

May 6, 2020 970

Life Recovery Devotions StepWeek 3 Day 2 – Turn and Action HOPE

“Everything comes from God alone. Everything lives by His power” (Rom. 11:36, TLB).

For this week I would like to use one of the acrostics (HOPE), that we use on the road to recovery. Today we start with the letter H. This stands for Higher Power. In recovery, we proclaim Jesus as our Higher Power.

Don’t allow this acknowledgment of Jesus fool you into an excuse to bail out. I was an atheist when I came to know Jesus and it wasn’t an easy journey, both physically and psychologically, to get to this realisation and standpoint in my life. It was Jesus who, at the eleventh hour, provided me with the answers that turned me around. For that, I will be eternally grateful to Him.

I now started to have a personal and saving relationship with the God-Man on the Cross. The One who died for me, so that I could live with Him forever. In the past decade or more I have realised that Jesus desires a life-long, day by day relationship with me regardless of my faults and habits. He knows all that there is to know about me and regardless, He still wants to have a deep, intimate, daily relationship with me, but not just me, He wants to have that very same relationship with you. Are you ready to give your life to Jesus—to let Him into your heart, so that He can fill it with His presence, love and healing power?

Many people these days believe their doubts and doubt their beliefs. Have you ever seen an idea?

Have you ever seen love or faith? Of course not. Only those behaviours that are driven by these attributes can ever be seen.

You will soon see the hands of Jesus working in your life as you travel this journey of recovery. You will need to get to a point of realisation and put that new-found realisation into action. You can now live by the power God gives you, each day.

– Graham Hood 

Personal Reflection: Do you have trouble believing in Jesus or is religion clouding your perception of who Christ and God truly are? Ask God to help you believe in Him. The gift of faith is a free gift God will gladly give you. You just need to ask Him and let Him into your life. Ask Him to reveal and release His power in your life.

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