Step/Week 6, Day 6 Ready: Yield to the Growth

May 6, 2020 830

“The person who has been born into God’s family does not make a practice of sinning because now God’s life is in him; so he can’t keep on sinning, for this new life has been born into him and controls him—he has been born again” (1Jn. 3:9, TLB).

Life Recovery Devotions StepWeek 6 Day 6 Ready Yield to the Growth

The above verse paints a beautiful picture of belonging to God’s family. When you gave your life to Jesus, you became part of the world- and heaven-wide family of God. You became part of the biggest family on this planet. Does that fact just not shatter any thoughts of isolation?

Also, being part of God’s family, you’ve been born again. You have a new life in Christ. The old life may not have completely gone but your new self should have prominence in your life from that moment onwards. You will make mistakes and still sin, but as the verse says, “[you do] not make a practice of sinning”. There’s a big difference between willingly sinning and making the odd mistake. Yes, sin is sin, but God knows each of our hearts and motives.

When God’s life is poured into you, He starts to make changes in your life. He starts to work at removing your character defects. During this time, you will need to yield to that growth.

If your old thought patterns regarding self-doubt and low self-worth rear their ugly heads, telling you that you’re not really worth bothering about and why would God do these things for you? Just don’t listen to these old enemies of yours, they’re trying to stop you progressing and growing. Instead fill yourself with God’s Word and listen to Him. He will tell you who you really are.

– Graham Hood 

Personal Reflection: Thank God for the work He is doing in your life. Realise you are part of God’s family. You are His son or daughter. Don’t listen to the old voices of self-doubt and low self-worth. Yield to the growth and enjoy the progress you’re making, with God’s help!

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