Step/Week 7, Day 1 – Victory: Voluntary Submit to all God’s Changes

May 6, 2020 868

Step/Week 7, Day 1  – Victory: Voluntary Submit to all God’s Changes

“Give your bodies to God. Let them be a living sacrifice, holy—the kind He can accept” (Rom. 12:1, TLB).

Last week you read about being ready to have God remove all your character defects. This week you will read about your need to ask God to remove your shortcomings (your sins). This week is about you taking action, but more than that, it’s about God going to work in your life.

When you volunteer, you offer yourself, your skills, your time to a cause that is close to your heart. Today’s reading talks about you giving God your body and letting Him take full control of your life.

You may be thinking: “Why would God want me, my body in the first place”? Well it has to do with who you belong to. God created you; when you gave your life to Jesus, you became a son or daughter of God. Being a “living sacrifice” for God is an act of submission in letting God take away your shortcomings and mould you further in His image. Imagine God is changing you into His image—you will become more Christ-like, holiness will become more a part of your life. Also, your submission is an act of daily worship.

Once God takes away your shortcomings and forgives your sins, He can really start to get to work in bringing about the changes He wants to do for you, in your life. Each day when you are being intentional in offering yourself to God, He will see the motives behind your sacrifice and accept your offering, gladly. Your journey to full recovery is really taking shape.

– Graham Hood 

Personal Reflection: Will you submit to the changes God wants to do in your life? Will you offer yourself as a living sacrifice to God? Do you want to be more like Him? Do you want holiness to be a part of your life?

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