Storm Chaser

Feb 5, 2017 2264

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Storm Chaser

Storm chasers don’t follow basic survival instincts. Instead of running away from massive storms, they jump in their cars and drive toward them!

I reckon Jesus Christ is the ultimate Storm Chaser. For the sake of the lost, the downtrodden, and the oppressed he stepped into – and created – some truly powerful storms. He battled fierce opposition from the religious people of His day, from the Roman rulers, and from Satan himself.

And at the Cross, he faced the greatest storm that was ever raged. A fight between good and evil, between love and hatred. It was a storm for your soul – and Jesus won!

You don’t have to chase storms in your life. But you can bet they’ll come to you.

And when those storms arrive, remember that Jesus is the ultimate storm chaser! There’s no storm he cannot control because he has already handled death and resurrection for you. You’re not alone.

Eliezer Gonzalez

Storm Chaser

There’s no storm Jesus cannot control.

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