Stuck in the Gate

May 26, 2014 2057

Metal GateThis is a confession about a taboo subject – about something one should never, every say. I’m going to tell you something that happened on Saturday that brings me no credit at all. Because I am human too… and sometimes shockingly so.

On Saturday I was on a farm with my wife and in the afternoon some friends and we went for a beautiful walk through the surrounding countryside.

At one point we came to a locked metal gate – just like the one on the picture here, and we were told that we could either climb over it or go through the bars. Everyone had gone through, and then my wife went through, and it was now my turn.

So I went to go through and… got stuck between the metal bars, and I exclaimed to my wife without thinking (don’t you love it when you do that!), “How did you get through!” I am glad I have a forgiving wife.

You see, I had always considered myself as slim, in fact, always as slimmer than my wife. And here I was faced with the evidence of the pressure of the hard metal bars against my torso, that I was living a lie.

And now the evidence of the gate condemned my judgment of others (my beautiful wife), and condemned my judgment of myself. I have apologized for this, but perhaps some good can come of it as a lesson for us all.

I am glad that Jesus is the gate (John 10:9). He is the true standard that tells us the truth about ourselves.

But more than that, I am glad that because Jesus is the gate to true life here and for eternity, he is not a gate that we will ever need to try to squeeze through. You’ll never get stuck trying to get in. Because Jesus is the gate that swings right open for all those who accept him as their Saviour.

And now… to get some exercise!!!

Eliezer Gonzalez

“Yes, I am the gate. Those who come in through me will be saved. They will come and go freely and will find good pastures.” – John 10:9, NLT

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