The Book That Reveals

May 28, 2016 1468

In building the temple, only blocks dressed at the quarry were used, and no hammer, chisel or any other iron tool was heard at the temple site while it was being built. (1 Kings 6:7 NIV)

Have you ever wondered where the title of the Bible comes from? It’s from the Greek word is biblia.” That’s the plural of “biblion,” the Greek word for “book.” So the title, “The Bible” is “The Books.”

The Bible took 1,500 years to write. It was written on three continents: Europe, Asia, and Africa. It’s written in three languages: Hebrew, Greek, and Aramaic. It has at least 40 contributors. Some of them lived in palaces and some lived in caves. Some of them were shepherds and some were princes. Some of them were priests and some were fishermen. Think of that variety!

The Bible was planned in the mind of God long before the first writer put quill to paper. Designed, with a marvellous unity, like that ancient Jerusalem temple.

But the wonderful thing about the Bible is that it reveals a God who wants to put his arms around us. That was the meaning of the outstretched hands on the cross. “Come unto me and I will enfold you” (see Matthew 11:28). God has a heart that loves sinners, and he has a head that plans our way through life. And he has given us a Book that’s about himself.

– Des Ford. Adapted from “The Miracle of the Book-I”

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