The GNU Choir ­– Winning Souls for Jesus!

Sep 17, 2015 5891


Eliezer with some of the GNU Choir members – they are the ones not in the suit!

When we arrived in Kampala, Uganda for our recent gospel meetings, we were delighted to find out that there would be a “GNU Choir” singing at the meetings.

This choir, composed of Christian young people from different churches in the Kampala region, was amazingly talented. They sang beautiful a capella music with wonderful unity and harmony and a great sense of rhythm. And their evident joy for the gospel was infectious as well! They sang at every meeting; their uplifting gospel messages in song touched everybody present. Every African understands the language of music!


The GNU Choir in full flight!

Duncan Wood and I found the choir members to be delightful and enthusiastic young people. They want to serve the Lord and many of them believe that this is how God wants them to spread the good news about Jesus Christ!

The choir was formed by Moses Lukwago, a great friend of GNU in Kampala, and a very talented musician. Moses even hosted the choir in his own home for the duration of the meetings!

Now that the choir has had its gospel debut at GNU’s meeting in Kampala, they want to keep singing the gospel together.

So they have been sharing the joy of the gospel further afield in other public gospel meetings, often with great sacrifice. Some of the choir members are refugees and troubled young people, while others have full-time jobs, yet they still make time to travel with the choir for days at a time to spread the good news, largely at their own expense!

There is no better reward than winning a soul for Christ

Paul Muhindo, who sings bass, says,

Paul Muhindo

Paul Muhindo looking smooth.

Hello GNU family! Serving God as part of the GNU Choir is one of the best experiences I have ever had. The choir is like my second family with members looking out for each other in times of need, and having fun on long trips preaching the gospel through music. I am so spiritually enriched. We did ministry in prisons and it was really touching to see how our music touched the inmates and how some of them accepted Jesus as their personal Saviour. There is no better reward than winning a soul for Christ. I am looking forward to the next time we go to preach and proclaim the name of Jesus!

I am so excited to see many people giving their lives to Jesus

Nzanzu Luhavo Maombi, another choir member, says:

Nzanzu Maombi (2)

Nzanzo Maombi looking serious.

I am so excited to be part of the GNU Choir, to see many people giving their lives to Jesus as we preach the gospel through music. We have sung in prisons, schools, churches, and public meetings. I enjoyed singing in front of the army and the police. In a stadium we sang a capella to motor cycle gang members. It was just amazing! Thank you GNU!

GNU currently supports the choir with travel expenses. Plans are being made, with a little bit of help from GNU, for the choir to continue singing at GNU events and other gospel events throughout Uganda. Great things are about to happen in Africa, and the GNU Choir is going to be part of it all!

­ ­– Eliezer Gonzalez

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