The Gospel Arrives in Mudinepalli

Oct 9, 2015 1488


The ladies praising God in Mudinepalli.

Once a month now, you’ll find Pastor Joseph preaching the gospel in a small hall in Mudinepalli, some 15 km from the town of Gudiwada in Andhra Pradesh. His latest prayer meeting was held on September 29.

For twelve years there has been no Christian presence in Mudinepalli. Most of the people who came, he reports, were Hindus, whose lives are beset with problems, misery and sickness. “They are so happy to come to the monthly prayer meeting,” he says. “This relieves the burden of their lives.”

“They accepted Jesus Christ in their lives,” he reports, “and I prayed over them. They are so happy about the Gospel prayer meeting.” He prayed particularly for a small boy who is handicapped and unable to speak.


People praying and accepting Christ.

The owner of the hall has invited him back, so this village prayer meeting has become a regular event in his busy calendar, bringing the light of the gospel to this desperately needy corner of India.

Pastor Joseph signs off his report with his usual request. “So please pray for it, and thank you in Christ.”

– Eliezer Gonzalez and Joseph Usala

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