The Harmony of the Kingdom

Oct 25, 2015 1158

Live in harmony with one another (Rom. 12:16).

Heaven is a harmonious place. Nobody in God’s coming kingdom will be at loggerheads with anyone else.

It is inconceivable that some people in the kingdom to come wouldn’t be able to stand the sight of other people there. Such acrimonious relationships are what characterise those belonging to the kingdom of Satan rather than the citizens of the kingdom of Christ.

In spite of this, there are ‘Christians’ who would cross the street to avoid another Christian coming their way. If that is the way you feel about another person, Christian or otherwise, the onus is on you to get things sorted out as soon as possible.

If there is another Christian you dislike intensely, do what you can to heal the relationship so you won’t die with that debt on your conscience. Go to that person with a nice gift. It may be something you have made, such as a nice fish pie or desert, or an article of clothing. Apologise to them for your part in the ‘bad blood’ between you both and ask for their forgiveness. There is no need to mention particulars. Let your words be gentle, and speak softly.

The apostle Paul was at loggerheads with the apostle Barnabas over having Barnabas’s nephew, Mark, on their missionary team. The disagreement was so intense they split up. But Paul didn’t leave it there. His attitude softened and the time came when he accepted and praised Mark as a faithful fellow helper.

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