The Heart of Religion – by Desmond Ford

Dec 24, 2015 1733

heartThe heart of religion is the forgiveness of sins.

This is not in Mohammedism, Hinduism, or Confucianism; this is the heart of the Christian faith – the only religion that has a wounded God.

His wounds sum up my sins. His hands are pierced for what my hands have done. His are feet spiked for the wrong places my feet have led me. His brow is pierced because of my wicked thoughts of lust and hatred, worry and covetousness.

Our God has taken all ours into the cross, and blotted them out. They are gone, never to be imputed to us.

Christ is our substitute on judgment day. When the angel says, “Des Ford!” the Lord Jesus steps forward – case concluded. We are saved by faith in the Savior, even in the last day. It is not because of faith, it is through faith.

Faith is like the glasses on your nose. If you take them off and wave them, you see nothing. Faith’s virtue is in its object. We are saved by Christ through faith. Faith is just the hand that takes the gift.

Christian living is not pushing a wheelbarrow; Christian living is a song, a rejoicing, and a privilege. Oh, there are dangers, there are cries, and there are sobs, but over it all there is a song of triumph. We are more than conquerors through Him. We are nothing; He is everything.

The power of sin is never removed until the guilt of sin goes. The guilt goes when you see that Jesus took it; you need not hold on to it. Accept what He has done, and then you will live in him.

What Jesus did is put to your account. You died with Him, you were buried with Him, you rose with Him, you ascended with Him, and now you are seated in Heavenly places with Him.

You are accepted in the Beloved, complete in Him, without spot or blemish in the merciful reckoning of God, despite the reality – wretched man that I am – that I am falling short all the time.

– Des Ford. Rom 8:27–32. Adapted from, “The News That Shook The World – Part 3.

George Tichy

Jan 6, 2016

Thanks for another great inspirational message.

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