The Holy Spirit Revives Many Pastors’ Ministries in India!

Oct 4, 2015 2053

Many churches have been transformed and many people are discovering the gospel, through the work that GNU has been doing with pastors in India. Here are some of the pastors’ testimonies…

India pastor“There has been so much change in my ministry in such a short time!”

Pastor John

Pastor John has been doing God’s work for 12 years. But there is not much growth. He does not know how to spread the Gospel and he does not know how to approach the people and preach the Good News to them. He was invited for the Pastors’ Conference and there Pastor Eliezer Gonzalez has preached about “How To Spread the Gospel and Evangelism.” This topic has changed his way of preaching the Gospel. After the meeting we have given the Jesus Only book to him. Now he has been reading the book daily and preaching to his congregation and there is lot of change within a short time in his work for God. He is very very thankful for Jesus Only Book. Please pray for him.

“Now I have the great desire to spread the Gospel everywhere in India”

Pastor Sanja

Pastor Sanja was born a Christian, but he has not had a happy life. He is married and he has been doing part time job and doing God’s work the rest of the time. He was not happy with the work that he has been doing. He was unsatisfied even doing God’s work. Why? Because he has economic and family problems. So I invited him for the Pastors’ Conference and he was well satisfied and liked the conference. After the Pastors’ Conference we gave him the Jesus Only book. So he has been it reading daily and the book has brought many changes in his life and he is very, very happy now. He has been telling me how he is spreading the Gospel in his place. He said to me: “Jesus Only book has changed my life and now I have the great desire to spread the Gospel everywhere in India.” He is very, very thankful for the Jesus Only book.

“My way of life has changed”

Pastor Emmanuel

Pastor Emmanuel was born in a Hindu Family and his great-grandfathers were Hindus. By the grace of God he has accepted Jesus a few months back and started doing God’s work amongst the poor people who live in the huts on the bank of the river. So I went and invited him for the Pastors’ Conference and he came for the meeting and received the Jesus Only book. He has been reading daily this book. It has great influence on his Gospel spreading and his way of life has changed and he has been doing great work of God. He liked the book Jesus Only and he has been going to other places telling people about Jesus Only book. Now his life is very, very happy and the work of God is growing well. He is very, very thankful to GNU for giving this wonderful and great book.

“I was not even going to church any more, but now I have accepted Jesus Christ”

Pastor Peter

Pastor Peter was born and brought up Roman Catholic but he has not been going to Church any more because he was very unhappy with the rituals of the Church. So one day I met him and prayed for him and asked him to come to the meeting. The Pastors’ Conference meeting in the hall touched his heart and he was moved by the grace and the powerful word of God, which was preached by Pastor Eliezer Gonzalez. He has now accepted Jesus Christ by reading the Jesus Only book. By reading this book daily, he is growing in the love of Jesus. Now he has the great desire to spread the Good News to his friends, relatives and near and dear ones. He is very happy now and daily makes me a phone call. Thanks to God.

– Pr Joseph Usala

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