The Key to Interpreting the Book of Revelation – by Desmond Ford

Sep 4, 2015 4727

What’s the key to interpreting the book of Revelation? The answer is simple and sufficient. The key is Christ.

Jesus in RevelationIn the book of Revelation twenty-five different titles are given to Christ. Among others, he is called God, the Almighty, the Son of God, the Lord, the Holy One, the Word of God, the Amen, Son of Man, Jesus, the Faithful and True Witness, the Master, the Alpha and Omega, the first and the last, the first begotten, the lion of the tribe of Judah, the root and offspring of David, the Morning Star.

The Gospels that begin in the New Testament talk about Christ coming in the flesh. The book of Acts that follows the Gospels talks about his coming in the Spirit at Pentecost. But Revelation talks about his coming
in glory.

You see, the Gospels have to do with the head of the church, Jesus Christ. The Epistles have to deal with the body of Christ, the church; but Revelation talks about the union of head and body, when Jesus comes back for his church.

The Gospels tell us about the atonement of Christ which brings us justification every moment of our lives. The Epistles not only talk about justification but sanctification – not only being counted holy
but being made holy. But Revelation – that talks about glorification, when sinfulness itself, not just the guilt of sin, not just its power, but its presence will be removed by the second coming of Christ.

The first verse of this book calls it the revelation of Jesus Christ. It’s really not true to call it the revelation of St. John, the divine, as the King James Version says. The first verse contradicts that. It is the revelation of Jesus. It’s all about him. It is from him and it is about him.

The very first chapter contains a vision of Christ and before every vision of the book we are first shown Jesus. Revelation reveals him as our sacrifice, as a lambkin, a little lamb, as if to arouse our love for him who was our sacrifice.

– Des Ford.­­ Rom 8:27–32. Adapted from, “The Vision of Patmos – Part 2.”

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