The Keys that Unlock the Secrets to Everything

May 18, 2014 1887

KeysThere’s nothing more frustrating than losing your keys! And it’s not that you’ve lost your keys; it’s that you usually realize they are lost when you need to go out and have no time to fine them. First, there is the mad rush through the house while you scan everywhere trying to find them quickly. Then, there is the slow, methodical search that is all the more difficult because you really feel like you should be rushing around madly because you’re late!

And what sweet relief when you find your keys!

Too many people are running around trying to find their keys. I am talking about the keys that unlock the purpose of their lives.

How is the confusion of life to be understood? What is your place in society? Are there special glasses that you put on and that make everything clear?

Some people come up with all sorts of lenses by which they try to understand life, and they obsess over them endlessly. For some people its politics, for others it’s a great social cause. For some it’s just fun. Some people try to make conspiracy theories – even religious ones – the lenses through which they understand the world; and there are plenty who try to understand it through alcohol.

Are there keys for understanding life? Yes, there are. The keys are Jesus Christ and the cross. That’s the only set of keys that can give us sanity, purpose, and peace.

This is not an obvious truth; it can even be a ridiculous thing to those who don’t see it. You can even be a Christian who doesn’t understand this. You can try to use prophecy, ritual, judgment, dogma, and all kinds of other “Christian” lenses in order to understand the world. But all of them will fall short, until you find the true keys.

Whatever dilemma you are facing in your life, Christ has the keys. He tells us so in Revelation 1:18. And his keys open everything!

The realisation that Jesus Christ and the cross are the centre of everything is one of the greatest “aha” moments you can have. It all starts from there. And when you accept this as the centre of your life, everything will start to fall into place as you journey into eternity.

Eliezer Gonzalez

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