The Most Controversial Chapter in the Bible

Mar 2, 2014 2254

This week Dr Desmond Ford and Dr Eliezer Gonzalez will present a gospels sermon from 2.30pm.

Our program will be as follows:
12.30pm: BYO Lunch
1.15pm: Bible discussion
2.15pm – Live Broadcast begins: Gospel music by Duncan Wood and Caroline Taylor-Knight
2.30pm – Dr Eliezer Gonzalez
Topic: How to Forgive Like Jesus

We have read the texts; we have heard the preaching, yet few of us know what it really means to forgive. In this devotional talk, Eliezer will draw from what the gospel teaches us about forgiveness to highlight how we should apply this the essential quality in all of our relationships.

2.45pm – Dr Des Ford
Topic: The Most Controversial Chapter in the Bible

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