The Mysterious Holy Spirit: Part 1

Aug 31, 2013 1951

This week is the Good News Unlimited Seminar. Dr Eliezer Gonzalez will present at 2.25 pm, and Dr Desmond Ford will present at shortly after.

This week’s program will be as follows:
12.30pm: BYO Lunch
1.15pm: Bible discussion
2.15pm – Live Broadcast begins: Gospel music
2.25pm: Dr Eliezer Gonzalez – Look you scoffers, marvel and die!
Eliezer’s talk is called, “Look you scoffers, marvel and die!” It is based on Acts 13:38–41. If you think that’s too negative, and don’t watch, you’ll miss the Gospel. But if you do listen to this talk, and take it heart, you’ll come away feeling more alive than ever!
2.45pm: Dr Desmond Ford – The Mysterious Holy Spirit

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