The Mystery Of Christ’s Tears

Apr 22, 2016 1160

The shortest verse in the Bible is when it is said, outside the tomb of Lazarus, that Jesus wept – John 11:35.

This is not only the shortest verse in the entire Bible; it is also one of the most mysterious. Why did Jesus weep?

Christ was the one with the greatest reason to weep. The reasons were so many. For which of those did he weep now? Was it because of what he knew that those around him did not? Was it for the sins of the world? Was it for the unbelief of those around him?

But perhaps he wept for none of those reasons. Perhaps he simply wept out of sorrow and grief for his friend Lazarus. Perhaps it was simply in fulfilment of what had been written of him, that he was a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief (Isa. 53:4).

In those tears that fell down Christ’s face were comprehended every tear that you have ever cried, every sorrow that you have ever felt. He has cried your tears, he has felt your pain. He wept so that one day there would be no more weeping.

We all weep at times. But there is someone who understands. When next you weep, know that your tears are always mingled with the love of Christ. And as you weep, you are being washed in the compassionate mercy and love of Jesus.

And one day, when we understand the vast magnitude of the heart of Jesus, we will understand the mystery of his tears that day outside the tomb of Lazarus.

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