The Uncrowned Child of Bethlehem

Nov 23, 2016 1796

The uncrowned child of Bethlehem

Have you noticed something missing this Christmas? And in fact, every Christmas? Where’s the crown?

The Christmas carols sing of a king who has come. In the nativity scenes you have angels announcing the birth of a king. The king’s throne is a manager, and before it there are shepherds bowing to the new-born king, and wise men from afar who bring gifts fit for a king. Everything seems to be in place… or is it? Because there is something that is always missing.

The crown! A king must have a crown!

But the king was born uncrowned.

In fact, Jesus throughout his ministry persistently refused an earthly crown until the end. The crowds tried to crown him. Pilate wanted to see if he would claim an earthly kingdom. But the only crown Jesus ever wore while on earth was a crown of thorns.

So as we contemplate the Christ-child this Christmas, what does it mean to us that the king of Bethlehem was born uncrowned?

The uncrowned Christ of Bethlehem is a perpetual challenge to every person who is born into this world. Will you crown him as the King of Love, or will you crown him with a crown of thorns.

It isn’t enough to have some warm and fuzzy thoughts once a year

It isn’t enough to go to church for the Christmas service. It isn’t enough to have some warm and fuzzy thoughts once a year. It isn’t even enough to try to live a good life.

If you will truly crown the Baby of Bethlehem king, then bow your knee, and bring him the kingly gifts that he has asked for: a spirit broken by gratitude for what Christ has done for you, and the response of a repentant heart. Acknowledge in your life what all heaven has proclaimed, that he is King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

Otherwise, here is the crown of thorns. Walk up to the Child of Bethlehem and thrust it upon his brow. For such was the only crown he ever wore when he came to save your soul. – Eliezer Gonzalez

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