The Wood That Makes The Water Sweet – by Eliezer Gonzalez

Mar 7, 2016 4964

waterHave you been drinking some bitter water lately? If so, then you can identify with what the children of Israel went through.

After the miraculous crossing of the Red Sea, the Children of Israel travelled through the desert for three days without finding any water. Then suddenly, in the distance, they saw what looked like some palm trees!

Was it an oasis, or was it just a mirage? Their steps hurried a little more as they came closer and closer, and then finally they broke into a run as they realised that ahead of them was a real oasis!

So imagine their disappointment, when they bent down to drink, to find that the water was so bitter that all they could do was to spit it out of their parched mouths! In fact, they called the place “Marah,” which means “bitter” (Ex 15:23). Isn’t it true that just because we’re human, there’s always some bitter water just around the corner?

God showed Moses a piece of wood – not just any wood, but a piece of wood specific piece of wood. And when Moses threw it into the water, the water became sweet and refreshing (v.25).

That piece of wood represents Christ. He is the One who threw himself into the bitterness of this world, so that everything that he touches turns sweet. The One who was offered the bitter gall upon the cross was the One who drank the bitter cup of the wrath of God on behalf of the entire world, so that all who accept him may drink the sweetest wine of His love.

That piece of wood represents a cross – not just any cross, but the Cross of Calvary. It is the Cross of Christ by which the transforming sweetness of heaven has touched this earth, bringing a flood of living water for all who believe.

If you are drinking bitter water right now, then allow Jesus to touch that part of your life. Perhaps you have never let him do that before. By knowing him, the bitterness in your life will be replaced with his sweetness.

– Eliezer Gonzalez

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