There’s Still Room

Feb 17, 2017 1603

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There’s Still Room

Everyone loves a party! So does Jesus! When he was explaining what the Kingdom of Heaven was like, his favourite illustration was to compare it with a party. But this wasn’t just any kind of party. It was a party where no matter how many he invited, there was always room for more.

Think about it. No matter how far you may think you are from God, there is always still room for you in his heart.

And if God says there’s still room for you, then shouldn’t you still have room in your heart for others?

Life can be tough, and it is tempting to close yourselves off from real relationships with others. This amazing party that God throws for us challenges us to ask, “Is there ‘still room’ in your heart for Jesus?” “Is there still room in your heart for others?” If there is, then that’s the kind of party Jesus was talking about!

Eliezer Gonzalez

There's Still Room

There is always room for you in God’s heart. 

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